FFSA Fencer Rankings

The Fencing Federation of South Africa (FFSA) ranks fencers based on results attained at a series of national ranking competitions and a junior national championship plus a senior national championship events throughout the course of the year which are hosted by our provinces.

These events are held on a rolling system of 5 events, where the oldest of the 5 falls away when a new event is held. Fencers are ranked on their best 4 scores of the rolling 5 events.

The Fencing Federation of South Africa has opted for the Ophardt system to run our national competitions and keep track of our fencer’s rankings.

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Epee Rankings


Senior Womens Epee

Junior (U20) Womens Epee

Cadet (U17) Womens Epee


Senior Mens Epee

Junior (U20) Mens Epee

Cadet (U17) Mens Epee

Foil Rankings


Senior Womens Foil

Junior (U20) Womens Foil

Cadet (U17) Womens Foil


Senior Mens Foil

Junior (U20) Mens Foil

Cadet (U17) Mens Foil

Sabre Rankings


Senior Womens Sabre

Junior (U20) Womens Sabre

Cadet (U17) Womens Sabre


Senior Mens Sabre

Junior (U20) Mens Sabre

Cadet (U17) Mens Sabre